Welcome to Sign Lady Graphix!

We are pleased to be part of Johnson County's busy community! And... busy we are! Thanks to great customers like you! We have many samples of our work in the following pages and would like to add yours to our photo gallery! If we have already done your work and you don't see it here, send us a picture and we'll include you. 


We have been serving Johnson County and the surrounding area since 1989, providing printing, signage, t-shirts, banners and everything a small, or not-so-small business needs to get started.


We design your logo (or use your existing), then away we go!. We can put it virtually anything! We take your ideas and enhance them to create just the look you want and need.


We were awarded Olathe's Best Sign Contractor for 2012! Thank you!!!!

This is the Sign Lady! ..... Gina Pope

Hello! Welcome to our new website!

It's been awhile since we updated,

but you can see by the pages that follow,

we haven't been sitting idle...


Thank you so much for letting us

be a part of making you look great!


We handle your printing, shirts,

banners & vehicle signage,

so you get the whole package

in one shop. You can do as few

as 1 or large multiples. It's all up to you...